Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Single baby!

8 Days left baby!
I remember writing a post like this when I was pregnant with Xelly
Little did I know I would go a week overdue.
Lets hope that doesn't happen this time around or I might not have any more kids
This past week has not been fun.
I broke out in this horrible rash all over my stomach.
I tried so hard not to scratch but once or twice the scratching got the best of me and sadly it ended in little scratch marks that were bleeding. Bad move on my part.
I had my Doctors appointment yesterday
She told me I have a minor case of preeclampsia
For me to go home find my couch put my feet up and stay there.
So we went to target.
Bed rest and preeclampsia does not make sense at 39 weeks because all bed rest is for (in her words) is to keep the baby inside... and lets be honest I'm ready for him to be out.

I do get exhausted and my "wedding ring" (fake one after getting asked if I needed this creepy man to father my child) that I bought a size or more bigger wont come off my finger because I got so swollen. So I do take advantage of my rest time now that I can use that card on Jacob. Hes a trooper!

I didn't want her to check me because it wasn't going to make a difference & she said she would have to next week anyway so I joyfully passed. 
This photo makes me crack up. The longer I look at it the funnier it gets.
Told you! I laugh every time
and Xelly gets a crack out of it also.


The Dabo's said...

Thanks for the laugh!

Emily said...

So soon!!! Can't wait to see him! You crack me up.


Can't wait for BABY!!
If you ever need a Shopping partner to take you to target....I'm your girl!
We'll walk that store like it's nobody's business!!
But, please wear your fake wedding ring when we go!! :)
Please let me know if you need anything!
LOVE that dog pict! hahaha

Mars said...

You're almost there!! And that pic is hilarious!!! That is awesome.