Friday, October 5, 2012

More Pictures

More Pictures of what we do.
Jacob could not help but bring home 2 dozen donuts when he passed a Krispy Kreme!
Were all fat and happy now.

Xelly thinks she is a cat. and when she isn't a cat she thinks shes a dog.
not even kidding. she meows stretches and pretends to sleep up here.
We went to the park yesterday and ate lunch.
It was a perfect day for a bike ride and well food!

Jacob couldn't pass up a nap in the sun
except that Xelly didn't let it last very long 

We were looking for pants for Jacob and Xelly found her new dad.
She held his hand while watching a horse show and wearing a rad bag.
A few weeks ago Jacob and I went on a date and Jacob spilled on his shirt.
So we went over to Ross before our movie started to get him clothing.
He picked out a shirt and I said I liked it but it didn't go with his green shorts....
Oops... He being color blind to an extent didn't know they were green and was not happy about that!!
So new pants and shirt it was.
Then we wandered over to my favorite area the super large shoes and these fit perfect.
size 16 I think they were... they stick out farther than my belly!
That's the same size shoe as one of my brothers. crazy!

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The Dabo's said...

We happened to pass Krispy Kreme last weekend and us too could not just keep going. The lit up fresh sign gets us every time.