Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Friday is D-Day

Yesterday I had my Doctors Appointment.
I got checked and am at 3cm dilated and 60% effaced.
I was 3 Cm but when I hurt my leg it put me back to 1.5cm so this was good to hear I'm still progressing.
When Jacob heard the Doc say that I was actually dilating he was in shock because I was, as my last Doctor put it, "if I wanted to be generous I would say you are maybe a fingertip dilated...." thanks doc. and that was a week after my due date.
My Doc also stripped my membranes for the 2nd time in hopes that I can go into labor on my own
I cleaned all day yesterday and not a single cramp or anything other than swollen feet by the end of the day and well a still messy house due to a lazy weekend and getting over sickness. Pay back!
We scheduled my induction for Friday so I have to call that morning @ 6:30 to see if I am able to go in at some point that day.
Thursday didn't work out like we wanted because my Doc is in the OR that day but we will see-- once my mom gets here (we are beyond excited for her to get here!!!!!!) I will probably try out some other methods to get labor going in hopes to avoid pitocin. I have heard some fun storied about Castor Oil! :)
Its nice to know there is and end in sight! But now I am noticing that I need to pack my bag and maybe go grocery shopping for the first time in 2 weeks... (but I doubt that will happen)
Friday sounds like a good day.
Lets do this!

Sorry... We sing this song allot of Fridays at our house.
Its just so well written.



Get drinkin that Castor oil!!
Lets make it 10/10/12!!
Sounds just as good!

Cassie Traasdahl said...

ah congrats that is so exciting!!! good luck with it all! :)

Derek and Amanda said...

It's good to hear that song again. It's been too long! Haha. Friday!! How exciting!!! :) You're allowed to be lazy. Now if you could come up with a good excuse for me, that'd be nice cause I obviously don't have any legitimate excuses like being a week overdue!

Walter Family said...

How exciting! I remember trying everything to go into labor with Brayden, & what finally worked for me was primrose oil! You'll have to read about it. Maybe castor oil does the same thing...I hope something works for you soon! Let us know if you need ANYTHING when the time does come! :)

Allen Beach said...

Sing to the tune of "Friday..."

"Going into labor, lots of cramps...look, there comes my husband...kickin in the driver's seat, noone's in the back seat...gotta make my mind up, WHICH SEAT WILL I TAAAAKE!?"