Thursday, October 18, 2012

Quinton Jacob Beach

Quinton Jacob Beach
1:22 pm
9lbs 13 oz
20 in long

I got a call Thursday night around 9:00pm letting me know I was aloud to come to the Hospital at 6:00 am the following day (Friday) We were thrilled and I didn't sleep more than an hour that night.
We woke up at 5-5:20 got dressed, packed some last minute items, ate a quick breakfast and kissed our little girl, who was still fast asleep, goodbye. It was a strange thought kissing her knowing the next time I saw her she would be a big sister and not the only little thing in my world.
We got to the hospital about 5:50am and went up to Labor and Delivery picked up that awesome green phone and told them I was there to have a baby. Those glorious doors opened and off to our room we went. My nurses were amazing and we were all ready to get things started by 6:30-one of them was the nurse that helped me out with my leg a few weeks earlier.
I got checked and was 3cm dilated and 70% effaced- pitocin was started at 6:40am
Jacob and i hung out and he enjoyed the "nutrition room" that was full of free food for him. Ya I was a little envious as I chomped away on my ice chips. We talked about what we thought out little boy was going to look like and how big he would be. I was convinced that he would be 8lbs 1 oz at most.
The nurses came back in once or twice then returned around 8 saying my Doctor was here to break my water. She broke it at 8:27am and i felt like i was in a jacuzzi. delicious.
I waited till my contractions hit 80-100 on the scale then I was ready for an epidural. stat (9:50am)
The guy who did it did awesome and it helped that one of the nurses said that's who she was using when she has her baby (she was due the next day)
I was able to relax and by 11:40am I was 7cm dilated and 90% effaced. whoop whoop!  I snuck a icee and it was so good! People kept coming and going setting up stuff for when the baby came and that made it a little more real. The fact that I could have a kid in the next few hours was mind blowing!
My mom, Jacob and I were talking the on Thursday (night before) and we picked times.
my mom said by 12
Jacob said 12-1
and I said 1-2
My nurse came back in and checked me- I was 9cm at 12:20- she said she was going to call my doctor to let her know I was getting close.
I started feeling some pressure around 1pm and it just so happened that Jacob had gone to get chicken noodle soup and my nurse was not in the room. Awesome.
My Dr. (Dr. Nippert= AMAZING!!!!) walked in and said "you ready for this or what?! I replied "whenever you are!"  She asked me to cough and said those were the same muscles I needed to use to push- she checked me and I was at a 10 and his head was right there.
She showed Jacob how to hold me leg and the nurse took my other leg. I started bushing and 8 minutes later and 3 sets of pushes he was out.
On my last push my Doctor said "one more push he is almost out" I had to laugh because I think she had been saying that the entire time. One last push and he was born. Head full of hair and a big healthy boy!
They kept him on the table still connected to me and cleaned him off before Jacob got to cut the umbilical cord. Then Jacob got to hold him and they took his footprints, measured him and weighed him.
My Doctor was shocked when they announced 9lbs 13oz- she had no idea he would be that large and to be honest no one else did either. I have no Idea how he fit inside my stomach!
I finally got to hold him skin to skin after I got fixed up.
He was perfect- everything I could of dreamed of. The little boy I had been carrying and feeling kick me was now in my arms looking at me. I was in heaven.
He was labeled "LGA" (Large for Gestational Age) because I was only 40w1d. He still doesn't seem big to me though. He had to get his Blood sugar levels tested every 8 hours. He started out at 45 and when we left he was 53 (that's good)
My delivery was so much better this time than when I had Xelly. Just more relaxed, much faster and way better doctor.
I went home 24 hours after delivery and was so happy to be home. It has been so much fun being home and seeing Xelly interact with him.
Welcome Quinton Jacob Beach- we are so glad your finally with us!!


Isaac and Dallas said...

He is so cute. You will love having a big baby. They are awesome sleepers. I love his hair.


Your little...or BIG, MONKEY is SO ADORABLE! I can't get over ALL THAT HAIR!
Glad everything went well!
Can't wait to hold him.

Brooks Family ♥ said...

I am so happy for you Joni!! He is just perfect.. Now you have me even more excited for my little guy to get here!!

Ross said...

Congrats! He is so cute.