Sunday, November 25, 2012

life in the 480

We were lucky enough to score big on tickets to fly to Az for a 10 day visit and a chance to bless Quinton around both of our families.

We arrived on Halloween afternoon and from the moment we landed Xelly was in heaven. Her mimom (grandma-my mom) picked us up from the airport and once xelly saw her she started jumping up and down... like a good 4 inches off the ground. She was so excited!

We headed out to my parents new house- it was strange arriving at a new home- made me feel like I was coming home from a mission to a new life. Their house is beautiful and has about 30 orange trees in the back yard and more in the front. My dad had been building a new playground and finished just before we arrived. Nothing makes xelly happier than a good set of swings and a slide.

My brother and his family live a house down from my parents so his little girl Brai who is 6 months older than Xelly came over each day and played till we tore them apart for bed time.


The first night was Halloween!! We met up with the Frankenstein family (my brothers fam) and headed out to collect our sweets.

These little girls were in heaven. Nothing like teaching your kids to ask strangers for candy!
Quinton was woody
Xelly was an Ella (ballerina)
Brai was the bride of Frankenstein

Over our amazing 10 day stay we:
Played outside from morning till dark.
Had bon fires in the back yard
celebrated birthdays!
played in the warm irrigation
rode on tractors
played on the play ground
Visited with Family
Went on a much needed girls night date
got a pedi
Hospital & ER trip!(next post)
got pampered with tons of family time
Quinton got blessed
had a puppet show
ate so much yummy food
counted stars
went on a walks with grandma
Jacob & I had a date with no kids!
Jacob helped with some finishing touches on the playground

Playing at Grandma & Grandpa Beachs house!



Playing at Baka & Mimoms House




Quinton's Blessing

Quinton had his blessing (the main reason we went to AZ) on 11-4-12 and it was wonderful. So many family members and friends came to share the special moment with us. We kept it small with just brothers and parents/grandpa. Ate yummy food and played outside for hours. I am so grateful that Jacob is able to give these wonderful blessings to our children!




Cant wait to go back!!

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Mars said...

I didn't know your parents moved! Where did they move to?? That's nice you were able to come home for such a long time!