Saturday, June 1, 2013

Xelly Belly is 3

It seems like just 3 years ago my little girl was born...

She is so much fun! 
For the past 2 months every day (not kidding) she has talked about her birthday.
She had "happy birthday" sung to her about 5 times in the week leading up to her birthday
The day of her birthday she was so excited to wake up to see gifts- I caught her sneaking one off about 4 times to try and open it before I caught her. Little stinker!

For her birthday so got to pick her meals. 



Grandma and grandpa gurney came over to celebrate (Beach grandparents already had something planned :( ) with us. We ate pizza and sang the final Happy Birthday song to her fir this year. 

She was on a birthday high and stayed up till about 10:30

-3 year old Quiz-
Fav. Color- pink
Favorite food- cereal 
Favorite animal- baby elephant & baby giraffe
Favorite movie- Peter Pan
I love to...- ride my bike
When I get bigger I can...- fly! But I need a little bit of dust.
Best friend- baby and meemom

This little girl is a heart breaker. I love her so much it's amazing!
She is a sweet heart and loves to help Jacob & I with everything!! She is her brothers favorite and they play good  together!

Size 3t clothing
Eats whenever she wants
Sleeps in twin bed
Loves to sleep with her nai-ne
Baby poo bear is her favorite
Been potty trained for 6 months!!!
Talks better than me at times.
Getting better at brushing her teeth now that she has a tinker bell tooth brush
LOVES to swim and jump on the tramp

Happy birthday little lady! We love you!!

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The Tews said...

I like her meal choices! :) Love that sweet girl. We have a little birthday/pen-pal card we have been meaning to send....I figure she will like it no matter when we get it sent!