Friday, June 7, 2013

The Graduate.

The day finally came!
I had been looking forward to this amazing day for quite some time!!

I am so proud of Jacob for sticking to school and not giving up. He was a busy man between School, being manager for ADT UT and his callings in the church. First Primary then YM President.
He was always so excited after class to tell me what he learned even though it normally put me to sleep- or made my eyes heavy. 
He stuck with it and that makes me proud!

This was taken from the top row but Jacobs dad went early and got 2nd row seats thankfully!

It was an amazing moment when his name was read. I think I had a tear well up in my eye but our Indian calls and excitement won over the emotional blubber mess that was trying to emerge.

Jacobs best Bud drive up to see him! Jacob was so shocked and excited.
Both sides of Parents came up for the big day!

Hurray! Now on to his Masters we go!
This time by family because I need my own support system... besides pizza!

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