Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Father's Day is a fun day! 
It's easily one of my favorites.
Nothing beats honoring the men in my life. My dad, brothers, husband, father in law, granddads(4)

On Saturday we celebrated my dads Father's Day by having a swimming party/BBQ at my brothers. So fun!!

Then on Sunday we celebrated Jacob! He woke up to a card from Xelly 

then we let him open his gift!
Xelly was so excited! We're white trash so we put a bigger box over the box his gift came in and colored in it with chalk about 8 minutes before he woke up. But the little girl sure makes it cute!!
He got a bike stand! His dream! Now he can give his 3rd child a bath and repair it whenever he likes! -the new tires came on Tuesday so it's all normal now.

Then we hung out ate egg burritos! Then got ready for Church @2:00...
Q woke up with done crazy hair! 

I got a picture of Jacob his 2 out if 3 of his fans.

After chasing Q around church we headed to my dads house. The had irrigation so the kids had fun playing in the water.
Then we made cinnamon rolls, spaghetti and enjoyed stuffing our faces!
It was a fun day! I always love celebrating things but celebrating the hard working, loving men in my life is by far the best!!


The Tews said...

Is Q totally passed out with Jacob giving him a bottle in the pool floatie? So funny! Cool that you said it's his 3rd child, ha!

The Dabo's said...

Your ward is at TWO????

Shay said...

Your kids are SO CUTE!