Sunday, August 18, 2013

BuhBuh is 10 months old

Our goober turned 10 month old.
How that happened i am still not sure.
On the eve of his 10 months I was laying in bed thinking I would just be having him again in the amount of time that has passed. It was a strange feeling.

He is getting skinny!
26lbs (lost 4 lbs)
Fits into some 12-18 month shirts but mostly 18-24month
24 month and up pants- dont even try something smaller because it wont get over his knees/thighs
I put him in his first pair of shoes and had to buy a size 4 shoe because its all that would fit.
He had a hard time and chose to crawl for a while before testing out walking with them.

He likes:
His sister more than anyone
Dad more than Mom
To tattle on dad to mom
Tries to say Cheese but says "dees"
Waves hi and bye- its my favorite
loves to touch everything he shouldn't
Gets ear infections pretty easy
has had 6 hair cuts I try to only cut it once a month.
 Boy hair has to be cut way more than Xellys

Has his 2 bottom teeth 
One front tooth just popped through with the 2nd either out or following soon I need to check.
sleeps from 7-7- seems like that took forever!
drinks bottles but prefers anything your eating.
wears size 4 diaper
loves to swim and take baths
Loves pillows and blankets- will carry them everywhere 

runs into lots of stuff yet doesn't cry- makes me cringe when i watch him
eats anything he sees even bugs
loves to wrestle and can hold his own in a pillow fight

has an attitude if you dint give him what he wants.
will follow you around gibber crying until you do what he wants

He has a smile and laugh that will melt your heart.
I love this boy and so does everyone else.
A year will be here before we know it and I'm not sure i am okay with that.
But it reminds me of all the fun memories watching Xelly when she was learning all the new things
Now she is enjoying teaching him all her tricks!


The Dabo's said...

Cutest baba around!

The Tews said...

Love seeing Q grow up...I can't watch the videos - they say private! :(