Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pretty pink arm

On Monday morning I woke up at 7:50 to be ready. The Doctors office opened at 8am and I was in need of an appointment that day. Especially after a weekend if tears because she Xelly kept tweaking her wrist. 
I'm convinced I was the first phone call of the day because once my phone clock clicked from 7:59 to 8:00 I pushed "call" I was so ready. 
Luckily they had one appointment open for Monday at 1:30 and that was the only appt. till Friday my prayers were answered.
We got to the office and as we were walking up to the hospital doors Xelly became very nervous I had to keep telling her it was okay, and that I was right there with her. She was very concerned that Jacob wasn't with us but I kept telling her he was on his way.
Once inside she found the toys and was in heaven.
They are building Jesus' house per Xellys request. Aka the Gilbert Temple

When the lady called us back she changed back into her nervous self and even hid under the check up table so the lady couldn't get her.
After convincing the lady took off the stinky brace and moved around Xellys wrist picking and turning it to see where it hurt. As expected Xelly was not a fan. 
The Doctor gave us the option of a regular cast or a removable cast.
We picked the removable one so she could still take normal baths and let her arm breath from time to time.
Xelly picked pink and was excited to wear it once she realized it wouldn't hurt last the other one did.
The cast was originally squishy and bendable so to form it they heated it up then put it on her and held it in place. Slowly the cast cooled and hardened into the shape it needed to be to fit her arm. 
It's removable just like a snowboard boot. You pull up on the black button and then take it off then when putting it on slide your hand it then turn the button to tighten it and push the button down to lock in place.
What she wears under the cast so it doesn't rub.

Coolest thing ever!! She can play in sand, water, mud anything and we just take it off and rinse it with cold water.
Her cousins think she's pretty cool to get a pink bracelet to wear! Ha
She has adjusted well but has a hard time getting her pants up and down for the bathroom and her cast gets stuck in her sleeves while getting dressed.
Other than that she loves that it matches her clothing and likes to show people the little breathing holes in it.

We go back in 4 weeks to get it checked again. Just 3 days before our Powell trip so hopefully she will be cast free but won't slow her down either way!

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Jacque Gurney said...

I LOVE reading your blog and seeing the cute pictures that you post. I LOVE YOU and think that you are the best daughter ever! Hopefully you are saving your posts so that you can make a book of family history!