Sunday, July 28, 2013

First big fall

Our poor little girl fractured her arm.
A buckle fracture to be exact- 
On Friday we were at my parents hose taking care of our cat when my parents surprised us and got home early. 
We hung out ate and played then Xelly wanted to show my mom the pumpkins. After viewing them Xelly wanted to swing so being the amazing grandma that my mother is she gave into the big brown eyed girl and pushed her on the swing. 
Xelly let go with one hand to wave goodbye to a butterfly and off she fell. My mom scooped her up and brought her in. Her cry was not her normal hurt cry so I was a tad worried. My mom said she bonked her head and was worried it hit to hard but I was more concerned with her hand and asked right away of it was broken.
We put some oils on it and headed home. Xelly fell asleep in the car and slept till about 1am when she came into our room because her wrist was hurting. I told Jacob I was worried something was broken but decided I would wait till morning to check it out because she kept falling asleep. She slept on our floor for a while and would cry each time she rolled onto her hand but then quickly fall asleep again. Her cry broke my heart so instead of sleeping I did some research.
The next morning I watched her as she played. She didn't seem to be bothered by it but was being extra careful with it when picking up toys. When I would squeeze it or twist it she would wince. Jacob and my dad got to our house around 8 and I asked them to look at it, Jacob said to just ice it because it was probably just a bad sprain and I told him I was going to take her to the doctor because I fell I was more than that.
She agreed to go to the Doctor as long as she got to watch a movie first. So a movie for her and a nap for brother then we were off. 
We got he urgent care around noon and got her heckled out. She was nervous because she thought she was going to get a shot. 

She did amazing though.
She for 3 pictures taken of her lower arm/wrist/hand. 
She was so brave!

I had to wait across the hall with Q. She looked so small.

The doctor came in a few minutes later to tell us that she indeed had fractured her arm right above the wrist area. A buckle fracture is common in kids her age that break bones because at this age the boned are still jello like so it normally won't snap as easily. He told me a buckle fracture is like trying to snap a small wet/green branch. it kinda bends and moves but doesn't break all the way through. He said we need to wrap all the time except for baths-then go to get a cast on as soon as possible.
She was not happy it wasn't pink but thought it was cute how tiny it is. 
Today after her bath I looked at it and its starting to bruise a little. 
She is one tough cookie. 
When I called Jacob to tell him the results he said "I guess that's why we listen to mothers intuition." Amen to that!

She has twisted in twice while playing and ends up in tears. So I'm looking forward to a hard cast so its not so easily hurt.
Broken bones are no fun!
Especially when the cast will have to stay on for 4-6 weeks and were suppose to be going to lake Powell in 4.5 weeks. 
Pray for a fast and perfect recovery!!

P.s this was her second time falling off the swing. Grandma is not at all responsible!!


Walter Family said...

How sad! We'll be praying for a fast recovery for her. She looks so cute in the pictures though! And maybe she'll get to have a pink hard cast! :)

The Dabo's said...

Stupid butterfly.

The Tews said...

She does look so LITTLE in those pictures. Sweet girl, such a bummer!