Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Notice the small things

I have been catching myself playing favorites lately.
Quinton is 9 months and can do no wrong unless he's super into a show and starts smacking the tv with excitment.
Xelly, on the other hand seems to do a ton of wrong.
Or maybe its just the way I am viewing her.
She has always exceeded at things she does. Rolled over way too early walked early, talked much better than other kids her age, understands complex situations. So I have always held her to a higher standard and forget that she is just little.
That she enjoys the moment, loves to giggle and look at clouds as they float by. That to her, me sitting down and drawing a picture of a square with her is the best moment of her day. Eating one of her pretend dinners makes her face light up because she accomplished something. All she wants is to be a mommy, play dolls, run around and do everything I do.
Yet I catch myself getting annoyed at little things like having to drink my 50th cup of tea while playing tea party or her constantly wanting to trade crayons while coloring because the purple that she didn't like suddenly became her favorite once I picked it up.
I say "hurry and put your shoes on" "Come on lets go" "Do it yourself your a big girl" when I should be taking the time and enjoying watching her little fingers put the straps together for her shoes, taking the time to see what has distracted her because its usually something pretty cool, and enjoying the moments before she really is a big girl and would rather not watch the bug on the ground, or the airplane in the sky.
I need to stop making her grow up and enjoy every second I can of her little stage.
because I don't want her to grow up and find a new best friend
She needs to feel like she is the only child in the world
She is perfect. She is a perfect little 3 year old
who talks too much, runs around too much, giggles and screams so loud, makes messes, wears my high heels all around the house and leaves them out, paints and colors so many pictures, folds laundry the wrong way, spills her apple juice on the floor.
Who learned something new and cant wait to share, has so much joy and happiness she cant contain it, has a fantastic imagination, loves to pretend to be me, paints beautiful pictures, wants to help me with everything, tries to fill up her own drinks.
Its all in the way I look at things so I need to have a different outlook and enjoy it.
Enjoy her,
because it will be gone too soon.


The Tews said...

This made me cry! You hit the nail on the head for me. Thank you for writing this. :) I am not going to complain that I am pretending to eat a bite of scrabble tile soup for the 50th time this morning. ;)

Briana Skidmore said...


Crystal said...

It's hard to remember those things sometimes. Thanks for the reminder!

David and Jessica said...

Completely understand this...I have the same problem with Caiden. Sometimes I forget that he's still only 2..

Walter Family said...

What a great post! It so reminds me of my relationship with Brayden when Ashton was a baby, like exactly! Even with my kids older now, I still need the reminder to notice the little things. It's easy to forget, and they grow up so fast!!

The Dabo's said...

There will come a time... after your 4th child... when she'll be putting on her shoes and she'll struggle for about 5 minutes. But you don't budge. Not because you're enjoying the moment. But because your too freakin exhausted to help her. AKA- you'll become more patient the older you get.