Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas Eve & Day

{Christmas Eve}

Oops this post has been sitting in my draft for 4 months. 

Xelly made reindeer food at preschool so we had to sprinkle it outside before bed so the reindeer weren't hungry. 

Quinton went to bed around 7:30 then we watched a movie and tracked Santa  before Xelly went to bed at 9

Jacob and I set up some stuff then watched a movie till 2am.

{Christmas Morning}

Xelly only asked for one thing. A doll house. Oh as a bigger treeto fit her doll house under. 
Quinton likes trucks and air plains so trucks he got.

Jacob and I woke up at 6 am and moved the toys out under the tree then went back to bed. I slept in Xelly's bed till she woke up so she wouldn't go sneek a peek. Thankfully the kids slept in till 9:30.

Here is the video of Christmas morning

My parents stop by each kids house to see them and we were stop #2. We are and played!

The rest of the day we layed around and enjoyed company. Later in the day we went to Jacobs parents for dinner and a program. 
Jacob played the 12 days of Christmas on his trombone. But forgot a music stand.. So I was the stand. 
We had lots of fun!

When I took down Christmas on the 26th Xelly hugged the tree and kissed the tree box. 
She's already talking about next year!

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This is so sweet and beautiful!