Thursday, February 6, 2014

My Xelly girl

"I have lots of nipples"

Today has been the hardest day for Xelly and I in a long time. Lately we have not been seein eye to eye on rules. I feel like she is 17 telling me she's going to date who she wants and I can't stop her. 

No matter what I ask her to do I have to ask 3-5 times before she listens. It's driving me crazy. 

She is the sweetest little girl and has the biggest heart but today we were just not ourselves. 
I tried to explain to her that I was in a off mood. She could no figure out what I meant. I said "I'm a little happy, a little sad, and a little angry today" and she just looked at me confused so I made a happy, sad then angry face over and over till she started giggling. Then she told me "your just crazy". She couldn't of been more right! 

After Jacob got home and the non listening continued I got so upset I told Jacob "I'm glad we're not pregnant right now because after today I don't think I could handle another kid" after I said that my heart hurt because I knew that's not how I felt.

Not every day is a bad day but thankfully the bad ones are soon forgotten and replaced with happy giggles and jokes. 

Xely is my best little friend. Every day she will randomly say "I love you mommy" then I reply with "I love you more Xelly" and she says "I love you ebent more" then we continue to say we love eachother more than something really big till we both give into laughter. The other day she ended with "I love you eben bigger than my baby toe" that one got us both laughing!

Bring a mom is hard. Putting my kids before me is hard some days. Having to take away a fun activity or reward because she didn't listen breaks my heart as much as her own.

I am glad I get this opportunity to be a mom and to grow with my kids. They sure teach me every day. 


The Tews said...

I loved reading this, thank you for sharing! I feel the same way, and Xelly is right, I am just crazy some days! Lately Mabel will look at me and say, "Mama, your my best friend!" Melts my heart and makes up for the times when I want to pull my hair out. :)

Brooks Family ♥ said...

sooooo true!!! Some days I think i can never do this again.. and other days I think how could I ever live without these amazing kids. haha life of a mom I guess.

I'm glad I don't have the only 3 year old that talks back and doesn't listen.. Makes me feel a little better :)

Jacque Gurney said...

I love your heartfelt honesty. Mommyhood is not for wimps - and I learned that out of 8 kids my mom loves me best (ha ha) because I was her hardest kid to raise! She said she hoped I had a daughter just like me - - and I got you! Now it's your turn - - tag, you're IT! Enjoy the ride! You are my best friend now and I love looking back at the bumps and seeing how they made me love you even more!