Monday, April 7, 2014

5 years-2014

We celebrated our 5 year anniversary on January 31st

It's my favorite day all year! 
We have always stayed local for anniversaries so we decided to go on a short trip to Vegas for the weekend.

After not realizing how far away our dinner destination was we ended up walking 1.4 miles each way. It was freezing and the wind was blowing so so much.
We wandered around a mall where we ate- I believe planet Hollywood maybe?  
It was a rad mall we kept getting lost but the roof was cool. I got a sweater because we didn't pack for cold and I lived in it all weekend

We got back to our hotel around 11:30pm and were so tired.
The ride to the 47th floor was a dream. 

The next day we planned to go see some fun places. 
We didn't wake up till about 11 so we skipped breakfast and ate at Burgr. Yumm!

The Oreo Shake wake to die for. I could eat the burger every other day. We were both so full we didn't eat the rest of the day.
Gordon was as excited to see me as I was to see him! Bucket list check! 

Next was Mandalay bay to the shark exhibit. I am obsessed with sharks so this to me was perfect! 

This guy was some Russian, German, or something man. I can't remember but Jacob knew about him.

We headed back to the hotel to go hot tubbing. It was my first time in 4 years thanks to pregnancy and no hot tub!

We checked out a casino and tried our luck.. We didn't have any. It was lots of fun to blow $20 bucks though. 
We left with our .17 cents and maimed stuff we could if used that $20 bucks on.

Later that night we hit up the hot spot. Okay I think I was the only excited one. The m&m store! 

And finally. The reason we went to Vegas. The blue man group.
This guy was my favorite. His eyes were extra buggy and I might have a slight crush. 
The show was rad but I wish there was more paint splash!

Vegas was fun, we laughed a ton and it was nice to be there together. we agreed it was probably the last time we will ever go there. We got our Christmas tree decoration and headed home to see our kids! 

Till next year!

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