Monday, April 7, 2014

Sick little Xelly bug

Xelly got sick back in Febuary- by far the worst sickness she has had.
It started mild then one night I checked on her and she felt super got but we didn't have any thermometers thanks to Quinton who likes to hide things. 
Jacob ran to the store and we checked her she was fevering at 104.9. Cold cloths and medicine got her to 101 and she slept good all night.
The day time was better for her, she just wanted to lay around and rest.
After about 4pm her fever spiked to 105.8 and she started shaking. Our neighbor and home teacher is a kids doctor so he came to check in her and give her a blessing.
She had strep, double puss ear infection and some heat rash from the high fever. 
After constant meds, liquids and sleep  she fevered for another day or two before she woke up up with no fever for 24hrs. 

That was the worst week of no sleep and sick kid we hve ever had.

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