Monday, April 7, 2014

Forever with us

My sweet and sassy grandma Gurney passed away 1 day offer her 88th birthday. 

She is an amazing woman.
She met and married my grandpa Gurney (who passed away 6 days and 8 years before her) when she was 16 and he was 17- they have 4 kids and hundreds of funny stories!  My grandma  never loved another man after her sweetheart passed. She would turn on the record player in her home and dance around the room like she use to when he was alive.
My grandma got sick, it turned into pneumonia and she passed away peacefully with her kids and my siblings around her. 
Right up to the last few minutes of her time on earth she was telling people to make sure to water her flowers, paint parts of her house and make sure the man she just hired to take care of her yard was doing a good job.
She still had the fire in her!
My grandma would talk to my grandpa randomly and tell him while looking up or over to the side "stop tugging at my toe, when I'm ready to go I'll give you my hand" 
She kept saying he was ready to dance with her. 
I love my grandma dearly- but my grandpa I the one my heart yearns for. My grandma knew I loved my grandpa and he was our bond. Her passing was hard on me because if she was gone then my grandpa was gone also. 

I cherish the time I got to spend with her in er lat days. She made all the nurses laugh an love her. 
Her birthday is March 2nd and she passed the afternoon of Match 3rd.

Her viewings and funeral were beautiful. My siblings and I sang, my mother, brother and aunt gave talks talks. It was special just for her!

All brothers but 1
My twin and I

Now she can dance all she wants with her husband and we can cherish we memories and possessions she edt us. 

I'm grateful to know what I know about life after death. It helps to bring peace in hard times. 

Families can be together forever.
Till we meet again.

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