Thursday, April 10, 2014


Xelly is almost 4!
Her favorite color is: pink
Favorite animal: giraffes
Favorite book: my little pony
Favorite food: quesadillas 
Favorite movie/tv show: dragon tails 
Favorite toy: pinky pie from my little pony
Best friend: Parker and Xelly's mom!
Loves balloons, to color with paint and chalk.

Loves mommy, papa and quinton 
Riding her bike
Playing at the park
Going to preschool!
Playing with her "baby brother" 
She can count to 23 without getting distracted. 
Loves her abc's

Is obsessed with her pink blanket
Talks about Joseph smith ALL the time 

She has an imagination like no other! Can turn anything into a happy family.

Xelly cut her hair for the first time and thankfully she did an awesome job! I have yet to take any pictures where you can tell.
Is pretty awesome at basketball an soccer. 
Makes the best brownies.

Is in a booster seat and loves being able to do her own buckle. 
Xelly planted a garden last week as is waiting for her corn, watermelon and cucumbers to grow. Still to be planted is zucchini and cucumbes! 

Xelly goes to bed between 7:45-8:30 depending on how crazy she has made is that day and wakes up between 7:30-10am.
When she wakes up she goes an gets the iPad and watches tv. When she hears her brother wake up she goes and gets his bottle fills it up and takes her tv into his bed and plays with. When she's tired of babysitting she come in to my room an wakes me up. 

She's my dream girl minus the tantrums as not listening parts. 

She's looking forward to turning 4 and having a girl party with some friends. 
Can't wait for the pool to get a little warmer so we can go swimming!
And wants to play at the park every day

Love this little girl!

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Jacque Gurney said...

Xelly is the happiest little girl that I know! She also is the most kind, and motherly little girl I know! Thank you for sharing her with me!