Monday, April 14, 2014

Quinton 2014

Quinton is 1.5 years old!
That means nothing unless your LDS and you finally get to toss yor kid in nursery. 

Quinton loves LOVES trucks, tractors, bikes, trains, bugs, chickens, lawn mowers, basketballs, footballs, if it looks like a ball he likes it.

When we drive somewhere he points to every truck he sees. When we're outside to points to every bug and ball. 

At home all he reads are his tractor, truck and emergency vehicle books.

His favorite tv show is: chuck the truck or Clifford. 

He loved dogs, and cats. He squats down and puts his arms out and barks when he sees a dog but he does not want to go close to them. If a dog gets by him he sucks his neck in to make 6 double chins. It's talent. 

If I leave his eyesight he starts yelling "mam mam mom mama" and if he hears a noise he thinks his dad's home and starts saying "papa papa" over and over while running to the front door and if he can't see him he goes to the bathroom- he knows his dad well.

He has only had 4 teeth for the last 18months but just this last week he broke 5 more- yes it was a week of torture.
He wears size 5 diapers.. Still 
He weighs 32lbs- his sister weighs 38
He has an awesome word and sound vocabulary 
He wears size 2t-3t clothing and size 8 shoes- his sis wears 9

My parents have 4 chickens and quinton loves them. If you mention chicken he puts his hands up and does the little chicken dance hands. Then runs to the door because he wants to go see them. 
He runs to the chickens at my parents and sits down by them. 

He will eat 24/7 if you let him. If he sees you chewing something he runs over to you and asks for some.

He is a sweet sweet boy with some awesome expressions. He is easy going and loves to have fun. I could handle 4 more of him. I'm not sure by back can but my heart can. 

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Jacque Gurney said...

This precious little boy is darling beyond description! I loved today when he called me "mama" all the time you were gone. I know it drives you nuts, but I could see that he just really loves to be playing with us and not alone!