Monday, April 28, 2014

up and downs with blessings in disguise

In February Jacob and I planned to buy a house- we discovered that we were able to and wanted to use our tax return to help.
The goal was the buy a USDA load house with 0% down and buy cheap, live in it for a few years then rent it out to then find a house for us with an acre.

We looked and looked, found a house for 130,000 and put in an offer. The next day Jacob got called into his boss' office and was asked if he liked his job. By the way Jacob didnt- he disliked it very much and always came home irritated and unapproachable. Anyways, Jacobs boss asked him to resign if he didn't like his job or told him that in a month he knew Jacob would be back in his office quitting. So Jacob resigned from his job and the house idea flew out the window.

Instead of using the tax money to fix up a house, we lived on the tax return for 2-3 months while Jacob looked for work. Ironically Jacob had applied for a position a few days before resigning and had his first interview with Infusionsoft the day he resigned. Confused yet? The job Jacob applied for at Infusionsoft had a start date of April 7, thats 2 months away with no income. Along with a far away start date the interview process consisted of
1. 2, 15 min phone interviews
2. a mock up where Jacob had to pretend to be a consultant
3. a panel interview
4 a week long assignment to create a business plan using their software and present it to some managers.

Jacob did some side paint jobs for my dad to bring in money, My grandma passed away while he was unemployed and that was a blessing because I was able to be with her her last few days on this earth. Attend her funeral in Utah, help clean out her house and hold a 7 day garage sale. While money was tight we were able to spend so much awesome time together!

Jacob got a job with a small company from Germany called Shop gate and worked for them for 3 weeks while going through the very lengthy 8 week interview process with infusionsoft.  When Jacob got the job offer from Infusionsoft he still had 2 weeks till the start date. He told Shop-gate that he would be leaving and they were not thrilled because he was the top performer- they offered him way more pay with benefits (they don't give benefits to employees) if he would stay and work for them. He passed and started with Infusionsoft on April 7th.

My best friends husband works at Infusionsoft and I had been trying to get Jacob to work there for a long time but its a very hard place to get into. They have over 800 applications a week and have been ranked #1 business to work for. Jacob applied once before and received an email that his application had not even been viewed by the time they hired for that position.

Jacob has loved working there. He invested in his first 2 Nerff guns (they have scary legit nerff gun wars) and we went to his training graduation and got to walk around and see all the cool things they have, Like a cereal bar, game room with X-box, basketball hoops, massage chairs, fooseball, a big football field, blow up giraffe statue.
Xelly with the baloon animal

This is a wall made out of soft chair things, Its rad and impossible to push over.

This is Jacobs "sproutling" graduation 

This is the office. The center is the football area and all the offices are open and around the football area. 

Better picture of the bow up statue. 

And the yummy cereal bar. I believe they go through like 85 gallons a week. Then the have a smoothie bar and those cool sada machines where you just push on the screen. 

So... if you are still reading...

We signed on for another year in the house we are renting, working on getting back on track with income, and enjoying seeing Jacob come home happy from work.

I know that with how crazy everything was we were not suppose to live in the house we made an offer on. Sometimes the lord works in ways we would not like him to but in the end its easy to see the big picture. I would much rather have a house I can decorate and make it the way we like but one day when we are suppose to we will have a house. Till then we will ride this crazy ride.

This smile at the end of a work day makes the last 3 months worth it!


The Tews said...

Oh my goodness, you have had a crazy few months! His new job looks AWESOME! (Hello cereal bar!) I would never get any work done. I am glad that you were able to spend time with your grandma and in hindsight it looks like things worked out for the best with not buying a house right then. (Maybe it's also because you are supposed to buy a house out here! ;)

Jacque Gurney said...

I LOVED reading your blog and seeing that you SEE the Lord's hand in your lives! I am so grateful for you nearby and for the blessing of YOU as my daughter!

Jessica Alvey said...

It's so hard when they don't like their Job! It puts stress on the whole family. That new place looks awesome!

Brooks Family ♥ said...

Yuck.. I hate ups and downs.. It has been the story of my life the last year.. with mostly downs. But I always tell myself we are put through those trials to be prepared for something great! I'm glad Jacob got a job he likes and all is good :)