Thursday, May 29, 2014

4th Birthday Party!

Like every other girl and possibly boy in the world Xelly wanted a "Frozen let it go" party!
So that we did. 
She got to pick the theme, colors, decorations, food, and pick what friends she wanted to come to her first all kid party! It was a party after her own mind. 
Plus- it was a only girls party- the only boys he let come were her dad, brother and her grandpas. She even had to think twice about it's being okay for her grandpas to come.

She had so much fun- I took four photos. Oops. And those were all before the party and before decor was finished ha. Thankfully some others took pictures 

My Olaf 

Xelly's Olaf- I like hers better haha!  We used hers as the welcome sign. 

All she wanted for her birthday was this dress- my mom found it at 6am at Walmart after tey just restocked everything "frozen"
Notice the place settings in the back? That's exactly how she wanted them to look. 
Her frozen sky
Pin the nose on Olaf.

Q had to be apart of everything!!

Snowball toss to win the awesome prizes! Xelly was beyond excited about everything!

Lunch time 
Cake time

"If frozen doesn't brush her teeth then he looks like dis"

She had the time of her life. 

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