Thursday, May 29, 2014

Birthday Girl Big 04

Xelly woke up and ran into my room. She climbed on my bed and smiled then stood up and said "mom look how big I am- I'm 4!!!" Then he showed me how her Pjs were to her knees and now are not. (They are just to small)
We played and made necklaces and bracelets- are yummy cereal and waited for Q to wake up... He didn't till 11:50. 

All xelly wanted for her birthday was to go camping. So we went to the grocery store then home to start packing. She didn't even open her gifts and still hasn't. She didn't care about them because camping is what she wanted so campin is where we went.

Xelly at 4.
Is amazing. Is the sweetest. Has the best imagination. Loves her brother. Thinks moms the coolest and dads the funniest. Loves the park, riding her bike, coloring and anythig artsy. 

She is a night owl till she hits her pillow. She lives for bedtime stories and playing dolls. She's a sweetheart and I love her. 
3 was super hard so let's see if 4 is easier!

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