Thursday, May 29, 2014

Baby #3

December 2014

I woke up on whatever day it was and took a pregnancy test. I use the reliable dollar store ones. 

So I took the test and it showed one line. I set the test of the floor and got in the shower then went in with my day. I was abnormally pissy because I was not pregnant. So after scaring my kids with my grumpy self Jacob came home to save the day. 

We were heading off the the grocery store so I went to go change and pee an that's when I noticed the test on the floor with TWO lines. I had a moment of shock. Then I carried the test out to the truck and showed Jacob. 
The line was so faint you could hardly see it. 
Were pretty excited and super shocked still all these weeks later.

Everyone cross your fingers that the baby becomes before the end of the year- tax and insurance deductible reasons. 

Hazzah to baby #3 I think Xelly is the most excited out of all of us!- besides my mom! 

6 week ultrasound... What's the point at 6 weeks?!

What is this? 
I showed with Xelly at 26 weeks
Showed with Quinton at 19 weeks
Showing with this one at... This photo was 7 weeks after dinner.- is that normal!?


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