Thursday, July 10, 2014

A trip to Heber Az

We got to go on a little 3 day trip to Heber and get away from the heat! Just what I needed with my 200 degree body right now!

Jacobs parents organized the whole trip but later found out his dad coins not get the time off so they were only able to come up for 24 hours. 

Right after we checked in we went for a walk to check the place out, saw some horses and played at the playground!

That night we attempted some burgers that ended up bein beyond nasty. I have never seen Jacob spit out food before so you can guarantee it was bad. It was some nasty wheat burger that looked like spam and made me gag. 

Instead we headed downstairs to a dinner place an ate a yummy dinner that I ended up heaving back into the outside garbage just seconds after finishing. Thanks pregnancy.

Te next day we checked out cute shops, found our traditional trip Christmas ornament, went fishing at a catch and release pond, and swam our hearts out! 

That night we Jacobs parents arrived and we went back to the same dinner place as before- this time I went simple with a salad and everything turned out great! 
The weather was beautiful and the company was great!

We went back to the condo and grandma and grandpa beach ready a story and we put the kids to bed.

The next morning after breakfast we went on a walk to see some horses, one had had a baby and another was a few days away from delivery and so massive! Poor girl! 
The kids loved it!

Then we went swimming again before lunch!

After swimming, lunch, and naps we headed to a little ice cream shop that xelly had been waiting for so patiently! The boys when to play some basketball- Quinton can only go so long without playing ball before he goes crazy

That night after dinner Jacobs parents headed home.
We put the kids down and I fell asleep on the couch watching a classic Jacob basketball movie called "the pistol" I believe... It was good.

Then we headed home the next morning!
It was a great, easy, fun trip! The kids had a blast! 

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