Monday, August 11, 2014

We moved!... Again

They say the hardest things for a marriage are New job, new baby and moving.
Well Jacob just got a new job- we found out were pregnant- and we moved. 

6 moves in 5 years... 6 moves in 5 years!!

This time we moved into my parents house to save our money to but a house we want. Last time we were looking to buy our finances didn't get us into the house we were wanting so were sacrificing a ton and living in a 12x12 room with two kids and almost a new baby. 

For me it has been EXTREAMLY hard. I have felt much more irritated towards my children because both my parents work from their house so it's constantly trying  to quiet them down and have them pick up toys. 
Jacob keeps saying we will be here a year and I get stressed and desire less months. Some days I'm ready to go live in a hotel. 

My parents are amazing for sacraficing their space, comfort and time to have us crawlig all over their home. We are so grateful for them allowing us to live here to save money. 

We sold a bunch of our belongings (about 90% of my house is made us up free items from bulk trash, hand me downs, and flipped homes) so it was easy to part with it and make money on the items. 
Trying to take pictures of stuff to sell

The rest of our stuff we put in a storage unit- it will be like Christmas when we open those boxes and the kids see their toys again!

Xelly opened up a tractor and boy hair salon
Packing boxes and drawing pictures along the way

When it came to bigger outside toys we brought them to my parents because they shave an acre and it's heaven for the kids to play out there. I wasn't much help I this area so I just laughed and took pictures while watching Jacob. 

After everything was moved out of the house we cleaned it- I think the crazy hours wore the kids out 

It's been two weeks. So only 11 months and 2 weeks left! 
Hopefully more along my plans of 8 months and 2 weeks. 


Brooks Family ♥ said...

bahaha! I have moved WAAAAAAAAAY more than you!! And I still hate it :)

The Tews said...

Hang in there!! 6 moves in 5 years makes my brain hurt!!! That is hard being in such a small space and having both your parents at home working. We will pray things will work out!!