Thursday, September 11, 2014

Lake Powell 2014

My favorite week of the year!

This year we had a whopping 26 people on the boat for half of the week and it was packed but so fun!
Being 6 months pregnant I wasn't able to do many things so instead I took pictures, hung out in the sand, and floated like a whale in the water.

The kids had a blast! Quinton was terrified of the sand, water, rocks,wind, people, basically anything till i cut his K9 tooth and it popped through. Then all the sudden the sand, rocks, and everything but water became amazing! The only way he would really get in the water was on a tube, or a paddle board.
Xelly was on cloud 9. She played with cousins from 6am-8pm every day. She had fun tubing, swimming, building mud snowmen, paddle boarding, playing house and building sand castles. She thinks we live down the street from Powell and asks to go there often.

We had one night of rain where we had to hurry and move every ones bedding from the top of the boat inside. Then when it dried off around 2am we all headed back on top to sleep for a few hours. I love a good Powell storm- I have been waiting to show Jacob a good storm... as in one where waterfalls are all around you, the boat is swinging from side to side and the rain is so strong you cant see outside. Something about the terror is thrilling!

We had lots of fun, tons of food (wahoo.. next weigh in at the Dr will be depressing), little sleep, and many many memories! I cherish Powell and I love getting to share it with my family and mostly kids.

{Fishing and throwing rocks with Dad}

{Digging up good sand and making castles}

{This truck is his life}

{Zip Line Fun}

{Building mud snowmen}

{Az snowman}

{Grandpa fun!}

{Jacob paddle boarding and zip lining}

{Go Mom!}


{4 cute cousins}

{The clan minus a family before half the people left}

{love these humans of mine}

{Parents- love them!}

{Peas in a pod}

{Lake Powell bath}

{Sister in laws, friend, mom}

{This boy lives in my arms}


{Castle destroyer}

{Relaxing: Otter Pops and a movie}

{Hey booty}

{Boat boys}

{Theses girls had a blast on the tube}

{Quinton's favorite place. He fell asleep right after}

{Grandma Love}

{Many truck hours on the hill}

{Quinton's last tube ride of the year. he loved it again}

{After the kids went we needed some laughs so Jacob went out on the tube}

{Water Kids}

{Trucks every day}

{Kids favorite game}


{Us in fabulous shape}

{Brother climbing in scary areas}

Till next time!

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