Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Trick or Treat 2014

You Halloween is my favorite!!! 

We carved our pumpkins two weeks before Halloween and shockingly the big pumpkin lasted till a few days after Halloween! Bleach spray worked!


Made some interesting Carmel apples 

Searched for the perfect Halloween costume 

Attended some fairs mainly to see the animals! 

Found the perfect costume that Xelly has worn 5 days in a row! 

Xelly had a preschool program. We got to listen to her sing some songs and make a craft! I love seeing her make things on her own!!! They always turn out so stinkin cute!

Attended a play group at the park and made yummy cookies!!

Then finally it was Halloween Day! Xelly could not handle it. All day she kept asking when we were finally going to get candy!
Once Jacob got home we headed out and Xelly busted through it this year. We went out for an hour and hit way more houses than I thought we would!
(My moms photo skills!! ^)

Xelly wanted to be a girl transformer. I looked all over for one and tried to convince her she should be a mermaid again because we already had the costume then finally I thought of Amazon 3 days before Halloween and boom! Exactly what she wanted.. Thankfully it got here on time! She is a rad girl! 

Quinton had the desire to be nothing. So 5 minutes before we left I found a super man shirt in his closet and his cape from last years costume. Tada!
Started at Grandma and Grandpa Gurneys house and ended with a nice pile of candy! 

Till next year! Maybe we will be more festive and dress up! 

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