Friday, November 7, 2014

Quinton turns 2

October 12th our Quinton turned two!!
I think Xelly was more excited for his birthday than anyone! 
She wanted it to be perfect with a Spider-Man balloon and cake!

We kept it simple and invited family over Sunday night for cake and ice cream. 
Xelly and I decorated his tractor cake (complete with random cow she said needed to be on it because he likes cows) 

We did not remember that our big brave boy is terrified of fire till the candles were headed in his direction.. He cried and pulled away and wanted nothing to do with it till the fire was gone!

He opened some gifts like much needed church clothing! He is in size 4t so it's hard to keep up with his growing body!
A cool buss, a book about trucks in mud that he loves!! Some money and a balance bike from us.

It was a fun day! Filled with lots of screaming and tired birthday boy but after his nap he pulled it together and enjoyed everyone!

Quinton at 2:
Terrified of fire, or anything hot
Loves tractors, tricks, busses, garbage trucks.. Basically anything big, loud or fast.
He loved to go pee in the grass and I am terrified to potty train him!
He wears size 4t clothing but all his pants are super long because he isn't as tall as the standard 4t kid. 
Still naps! Thankfully!
Is super dirty all the time
Favorite animal is a chicken.. All other animals freak him out if they get within 10 feet.

Favorite food is lasagna and pizza
Weighs 40+lbs 
Size 9 shoes
Talks really well and non stop. Speaks in 7 word sentences and will repeat everything you say and use his new found words all the time. 
My favorite sayings right now are 
"You are my slave"
"No way"
"I have a stinky cow" (pooped diaper)
"Go do jump a jacks" (jumping jacks)
"Ride on big red with dadda" (quad)

He is a fun kid and we love him! He already looks massive and I know he will double in size once this new baby arrives!  His personality and facial expressions are amazing! Will have you cracking up! Love this boy!! Happy 2nd birthday to Quinton!

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