Thursday, November 20, 2014

Our not so little peanut

I have been horrible at keeping up with posting about this pregnancy! I am 34 weeks and before I know it this baby will be making lots of noise like his siblings.

I started my pregnancy out at a midwife clinic, the Midwives and I just never saw eye to eye. I had been having a bad feeling from the 10 week mark on and I kept thinking that this clinic wasn't the best choice for me. Nothing negative to say about them we just had different opinions on how my birth plan should go. So I switched to a new Dr 4 weeks ago and I had my first appointment with him on the 19th of Nov.

I felt very comfortable with my choice to switch doctors once I actually made the call. I was hoping that this office would be a good fit for me because I only have 6 weeks left I didn't want to keep searching.

At my appointment I got an ultrasound done. I had been looking forward to it for for weeks. The tech was very nice and I got to see 3-d images for the first time ever! Rad and creepy!  As the tech was measuring the baby and talking to me she paused and said "oh, uh" then went back to measuring. I was nervous and started wondering if something was wrong with the baby.
She continued to talk to me then I asked her if she could tell what the weight of the baby might be. She responded and said "that is what I said Oh, Uh about".
She informed me that the baby is big. She said the smallest he can be is 7lbs 3oz and on the high end of 8lbs 3oz from measuring his head and whatever else. Even a baby measuring 7lbs is much to large for this stage of pregnancy.

I met with the Dr in his office and he expressed some concerns with the baby being large and my past history with large babies. (I was very happy because the midwives never expressed any worry about me having big babies and even said they would not induce me till i was 10 days past my due date.) The Dr. said that according to my ultrasound my due date is showing 12/09 instead of 12/30 and that from now on I would be closely monitored.

I go back in two weeks for an ultrasound and that will put me at 36 weeks pregnant. If the baby has grown to 8.5-9 lbs then he will do a lung test to see how strong his lungs are and if they pass then I will be induced within the week if it's what I want. If he has not grown to a larger size then I will go in every week for an ultrasound till my due date or max weight is reached.

A few of the concerns he has is for mainly the baby. He knows I am able to deliver big babies- I had Quinton who weighed 9.13 and his labor was only 5 hr long. His concern is that a big baby could have severe neck and muscle damage in his neck that could heal later or cause permanent damage. That he could cause major tearing that would be harder to recover from or even him start to develop health issues that tend to happen with larger babies.

So for now I wait my two weeks and see what happens next!
I am very glad I made the switch to this Dr because all of the concerns he has mentioned have been things that were weighing on my mind. 
I had a few dreams about this baby early on in my pregnancy and I am glad I have listened to my gut! 
In my dreams this baby is born on the 16th of Dec- I wonder how accurate that will be! 

His cute face! You can kinda see the hair in these photos- on the ultrasound it was flowing all over. 

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