Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I heart....

Besides Jacob,
I have had this obsession for a while with Joshua Radin. If you have never heard of him I have some of his music on my play list (bottom of blog) I have almost every song from him on my iTunes and I cant get enough.
I'm a total Jack Johnson, Dashboard Confessional and Mae girl but Joshua oh Joshua you make it hard to pick who is my favorite.
I think Jacob is okay with this obsession because he likes his music also! My favorite song of his is Vegetable Car so when it comes on Jacob will sing along with me and I Love it!!


Rod and Lynda said...

I like Joshua too! But I LOVE Jacob way more! Please sing the Vegetable Car song for us sometime. Cute song.
Hey, does Joshua play the guitar too? Really nice sound.
With Love, Mom

Tahnee said...

joshua radin! yes! i love him!! and i just seriously rad so much of your blog!you guys are so cute! i loved the one where you talked about how you guys met, and the proposal and then when you said i love you! so cute!

Jacob said...

You're so cute when you sing vegetable car and I try to remember if it's 4 door or 2 door!

Jacob and Natalli said...

hey me and (my) Jacob love him as well! haha. love your blog as well!