Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A life I never want to know

Every year sense I was born I have been to Lake Powell and my family has been going way before that! So a life without Lake Powell is a life I never want to know.
This year was Jacobs first time ever going to Powell and he enjoyed it! There is something about Powell that heals my soul it is probably being in a house boat with family for a week and laughing all day while making memories. We had so much fun, our families 2 favorite things to do are
1. play cards and
2. play in the water (jet skies, boats, swim)
The first night when we got there a big storm came in so we had to stay in the boat slip for the first time ever it was strange but then in the morning we went across the lake to a hill called Sand Kind. Its Huge!! And we stayed there for a night and built a slip n slide it was so fun! The slide was about 200 feet long and we slid right down into the water! The hill is so big that when you see the picture the red bucket is the start of the slide and that's not even close to 1/4 of the hill! And miss Chloe (Riley's dog and first child!)
When we were hiking up the sad hill I stopped on the side and carved mine and Jacobs names into the rock. There are names all up and down the walls depending on the water levels and how they have changed over the years.
My sister in-law and Brother Ryan came this year for the first time in
8 years. Her (Cam) first year she had little 4 week old Devanie with her and it was a crazy year! So she never wanted to come back but gave it a second chance and came this year now that her 4 kids are at a good age and she loved it. It was so much fun to play with the kids all day and watch their personalities grow.

After we left Sand king we drove about 2 hours onto the lake and found a spot and camped there, each day we moved to a new spot so the kids could see all the different places! The last 2 days we found a place that we loved. We always play horse shoes at Powell but were never able to find a flat beach spot so when we discovered this one we snatched it up and played games all day!
Me and Chloe
The whole trip was amazing and I wish I could tell all the funny storied.
There are like 100 of them!
It was so much fun and now we can start counting down the days til next year!


1autumn said...

I diden't know you had a wiemie! Joel and I adopted a wiemie our first like 7 months of marriage and then we had to give him away when we moved. It was sad but How cool is that. Lake powell is so beautiful I haven't had much luck in spending any real quality time there I wish I could!

bruce ♥ chanteal said...

I love lake powell!!! I am so sad I never got to go with you guys.... It sounds like a blast!

Last time I went to powell we were going to rainbow bridge and a huge storm came that almost sank our boat, we had to go in this tiny cove and say a prayer because we thought we were all dead, then our boat ran out of gas!!! It was quite the adventure haha.

Mauri said...

um pretty much Lake Powell is my favorite place on earth too. I've gone almost every since I was really little too & it truely is the most beautiful & fun places. I'm sad I didn't get to go this year. Glad you guys enjoyed your trip!

Bethany said...

How fun! I absolutely love the lake!

It's he happiest place on earth.