Saturday, October 31, 2009

9 & 3

9. Jacob and I have been married for the wonderful but short 9 months. We were talking last night as we were driving to dinner with friends about how it does not seem like its already been 9 months. We thought back on some funny memories we have had and are now looking forward to the many more. this brings me to 3.
3. today is our official 3 months. more so my 3 months but Jacob plays a BIG part in it also. We have been pregnant for a total of 3 months. even though we only knew about it for the past 6 weeks I'm still glad that it has flown by so fast! I got my weekly baby update email telling me that my baby is now the size of a plum.Yummy!..time for lunch.. and that all of its systems are fully formed. SWEET!!

As another update on us.
1.we moved. again.
we moved into an apartment in Gilbert so we can get back into family mode and prepare for a baby. Its a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom. we are super excited and have loved it. It has a washer and dryer. dishwasher.(inside not on the driveway rad.) and a sink that can fit dishes in it along with a disposal. along with a microwave that does not take up 80% of the counter. nice. seems like strange things to be really stoked about but coming from the old mesa house its like gold!
2. my brother Riley and sister in law had a baby girl! She is super cute!!

That's all. I think.
Till next time.


bruce ♥ chanteal said...

Joni I am so excited for you :) I can't wait to see your little baby when it comes! haha

Okay we REALLY need to get together!

hyrum♥chelsea said...

yay!! congratulations. i'm so happy for you guys.i can't wait to find out what you're having.

The Austin Gurneys said...

Can't wait to see pics of that cute baby belly, I'm sure you guys will make awesome parents. Congrats again, and see you next month! :D

Bethany said...

Congratulations! That's so awesome! And congrats on moving too! We just got out of our apartment too and feel exactly the same way!

Katie said...

That is so awesome! It's going to be good to get nesting in a nice apartment :)

Love Cami. said...

I cant believe you're prego! Congrats. :)

you're a sweetheart.