Wednesday, December 2, 2009

a little behind.

Somehow I totally missed the month on November. It came and went way to fast! November is one of my favorite months of the year. my birthday! along with 900 others and Thanksgiving!! Anyone who knows me knows that food is in my top 5 favorite things ever!This year for my 21st birthday we went to Organ Stop Pizza.rad. with family and friends it was lots of fun. my awesome cousin Whitney came from Vegas and spent the week with me then we went to the midnight opening on New Moon because it opened on her birthday. I'm not a twilight fan. never read the books don't like sparkling men who run up mountains really fast or wolfs that are bigger than my house. yet I saw it we were first in line 4pm. my amazing mom even came and I explained everything to her little by little because she had never heard of it. BUT it was fun any chance to see a midnight showing I'm down.
we had it at our apartment this year with parts of both sides of the family. Jacobs parents and uncle my parents both grandmas and brother his wife and baby. lots of people but it was so much fun! My moms birthday was the day after so we all went quadding it was so much fun, very bumpy and about 4 hours long but awesome! We got stuck a few times and my mom flipped her quad but we all lived! 2 of my brother brought jeeps and it was freaky to watch we rode the grandpa quad because being preggo and riding a bumpy rode for 4 hours is not so comfortable my other brother and his family were on the ranger and my parents rode 2 quads. Then we had a camp fire hot dogs and pie! A blast!!

Now its the countdown to Christmas I'm not a big Christmas person like I said before Halloween and Thanksgiving are my top 2 but I still get in the mood of decorating minus the Christmas music. We have our tree all set up and I am going to decorate it today!! Our cat learned how to climb the Christmas tree so that's always fun.
The thing I am most excited for this Christmas season is that my brother and his family are coming to town for the first time. They moved to Texas what seems like 9 years ago but I think is really only 2 but I cant wait I get to meet my new little niece who looks adorable but I have heard is way more beautiful in person and my nephew that I have seen a little and my beautiful sister in law who I miss and my amazing brother! They are amazing so I am thrilled for that!
My amazing friend Hillary is getting married this month also I am so excited! She met an amazing guy and waited the long 2 years and finally I can play with her because she is now going to be married and wont think I'm an "boring old married person" so.. I love you hill!! Congrats!

Me and Jacob are doing swell! Jacobs working hard and loving it and I am getting a belly! I am 16 weeks so 4 months along and super excited I have about 7 friends who will all be having kids about 2 to 3 months after me so it will be fun!!

Hope everyone has a great Holiday!!

Love the Beach's!


The Austin Gurneys said...

Aw, we love you too Jones! So glad you had an awesome birthday, and we can't wait to see you next week! xoxo -H

Chelsea said...

I guess I won't give you Christmas music for your Christmas gift! Haha! I'm glad to hear you are getting a belly! I am so thrilled for you to have a baby and in two weeks we will know boy or girl! YAY!