Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Xelly is 1 month!

Xelly is now 1 month old & I cant believe it.
It feel like she has been with us forever yet that she was just born last week.

she likes to hold her head up on her own.. has been from the time she was born.
she makes eye contact perfectly even when your far away she will follow you.
she loves to make faces & smiles a ton
stretching is her favorite
she giggles & it is so adorable
she still sleeps through the night but I'm lucky if she takes a nap during the day.
baths are so fun! she smiles & loves the water to run through her hair (sometimes 3 baths a day! depending on the bow outs)
she loves her dad!

She does not like hiccups at all

I love it when she grabs onto my shirt while she sleeps
when she gets her little side grins just as she is falling asleep
each little noise she makes as she is sleeping
I love to feel her little breath on my neck when she cuddles
when she holds tight to my finger
when she she looks up at me

She is adorable and I don't think she can possibly get any cuter than she already is!


Cristi said...

I love the last line! I used to think that about my babies (and I guess I still do!). Believe it or not, they do get cuter! I know, it's hard to imagine. She is beautiful!

Shalyn and Cooper said...

She is adorable! Enjoy every minute:-)

The Austin Gurneys said...

So cute, and that hair makes her look so much older than 1 month. Love the pics, keep 'em coming!

Mauri said...

she is soooooo cute!! What a good baby to sleep through the night! You got lucky :)

Rod and Lynda said...

Love that adorable little angel! I love the pictures too!

Whitney Lee Slade said...

jones. she is perfect. yes, keep the pictures coming please! that hair is daggum cute. ah.

Crystal said...

I want to hear her giggle! She is so beautiful :) I love reading about her skills.

Caralina on my mind said...

CUTE BABY! oh i bet she's so fun. congrats :)

Natalie said...

She is so so so so so cute!