Friday, June 11, 2010

Hi my name is Jonique

and I have zero time to blog.

Life is grand.
the days pass by as a blurrr
its June?
Baby love is doing great!
I love every minute with her.
even when its 1am & she is crying
I have the best luck when it comes to changing diapers
(where is wood to knock on!?)
Jacob always gets the blowout-shooter-drizzle-and squirt diapers.
Welcome to parenting!!

Are we bad parents??
she wont keep her hands away when we feed her. Jacob did this as a joke. 
she didn't like it at first.

I have the cutest little girl EVER!


bruce ♥ chanteal said...

Joni, She is soooo cute :)

The Austin Gurneys said...

Ooh, that's smart! Tucking the arms in was genius. It's amazing the wild things we can think up as parents to get things done for our children. She's a cutie, glad you're loving it! Keep up the good work. ;)

Mauri said...

she is adorable! Love all the hair. She looks like a doll!

Bethany said...

Ah she is so cute! And so dark! holy cow! What a beautiful baby! I still have 10 more weeks and i am dying looking at pictures of Xelly, cause i just want my little guy now! haha

Tim and Trina said...

haha best friend.. you are so smart to tuck her arms in! hahah that might be one of the best pictures yet! haha youre awesome! miss you!

Caley and Jason said...

um. how did she get so big already??
she's adorable.

I promise we're going to come visit someday!!!

Crystal said...

Oh dear, already putting her in a straight jacket. She is sooo cute. She looks different every time I see her. I should edit those pics from the hospital so you can have them.

Jacque Gurney said...

I don't remember learning that technique in "Motherhood 101" nor did I find it in any of the parenting books. Maybe you should come up with a new line on infant clothing! It would take less fabric and less sewing time too! You're crazy and I love you! Mom