Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Im thinking Halloween

As many of you know I am an extreme Halloween fan. Each year I decorate my parents house all spooky even though I don't live there I just cant help myself. they have the perfect walkway to scare the kids & I love it. In the past we have had kids/ teenagers cry, scream, run all the way down the street yelling, kids leaving candy bags in the rush to escape and even the wonderful never forgotten pee.
So you should not be surprised that I am already planning what I will wear and what my new addition Xelly will wear for her 1st Halloween!!! I am so thrilled about that! Last year I was pregnant with my little one so I could not dress up in fun things but this year I hope to change that... if not me at least Xelly will look adorable.
I was browsing through my favorite blogs. P.S. one of my new favorites is Honey We're Home. uh-ma-zing.
She had posted about Halloween costumes because she has an adorable little boy and as I was looking through it I spotted my dream.
Does this not scream Xelly?!?!

Thank you Megan!

Do you know what your going to wear for Halloween?


Mauri said...

I didn't know you did that at your parents haha. I'll have to check it out this year. I promise I won't pee!

And um PLEASE dress Xelly up as this!! I love me some owls!

Jacque Gurney said...

You should be so excited about the birthday parties for Xelly's cousins this year (costumes) - and I'm excited that you guys will make Halloween fun for us again!

David and Jessica said...

haha i LOVE it!

Crystal said...

It's perfect! Xelly is going to look so cute. Well, I guess she always looks so cute, so that's a pretty safe bet.