Thursday, September 30, 2010


Yeah... Powell was a blast!!!


Jacque Gurney said...

Yep, we all want to pinch those little cheeks! That picture is so cute - and the sand eating monster is pretty adorable too! Why isn't her mother showing? Couldn't find bigger "pinch pinch" words, and were you eating sand also?

beach girl always--at heart said...

How cute!!!
Wish we could visit.....
she truely is a BEACH BABY!
luv ya, Leslie

Tami said...

I'm jealous! Lake Powell is the best.
Xelly is too cute!
I"m pretty sure my and all my siblings didn't get shots until we were like 5- so we could go to school, and we are all doing great!

Crystal said...

Nice "censoring" Ha ha! Dig you guys drag her through the dirt?