Monday, November 15, 2010

Crawling, Standing, Bumps & Bruises!

So Xelly's is 5 months old!
An adorable little lady!
Around the end of 4 months old she started scooting backwards and could get pretty far. People said "I give you 2 months and she will be crawling everywhere"... I would of loved 2 months but I think I only had about 2 weeks until she made it from the living room to the kitchen before I could stop her! Now its crawling and pulling up on things to stand, pulling things off tables and shelves. I thought that babies started crawling around like 8 months and trying to walk around 12 not starting to crawl at 4-5 months and wanting to walk at 6 months. I need to baby proof!!

What we get to see after each nap! Time to lower her crib again!
This is the little bug that makes my work day interesting!
This is her pulling a container or paper clips off the shelf for me to pick up!
But she looks cute in her winter clothing!

crawling around

nothing better to chew on than a phone, controller,
necklace, and water bottle!
A play day at the park!

We have been having so much fun watching her grow up along with her little personality! We cant get enough of her!
Look how long her hair is!

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Mars said...

she is so freaking cute!! I can't believe she's crawling and pulling herself up onto things! You're in trouble!!