Thursday, November 11, 2010

Reflections of Motherhood

I saw this video on one of my friends blogs and I wont lie if my husband wasn't sitting next to me asking if he was a "real man" I would of probably shed a few tears.

Check it out. Does it bring a tear to your eye?

I felt and thought just about every one of those at some point either during my pregnancy or sense Xells has been born.
Being a mother is the best and the most rewarding gift.
I love my little family!!!
but not a big fan of swelling!


Caley and Jason said...

so beautiful.


Crystal said...

That's really sweet. My two favorites were "Google doesn't have children" and "Imperfect is the new perfect". And yes, these ol' eyes were a little misty.

Tim and Trina said...

Awe jones! you are amazing! YOU are such a good example to me! thank you so much!

David and Jessica said...

I LOVE that! I haven't had mine yet and it made my eyes water. I think I needed to see that lol

Rod and Lynda said...

I love that too! Especially the Grandma one! The song is great ~ we are always "Days away from change". We should always strive to be changing for the better!
Love you guys!