Saturday, November 27, 2010


This year we had our Bluth family Thanksgiving reunion. It was so much fun my family was in charge this year so we planned it to be at a park because out family could not fit in a house. We ate lots of food, played human Foosball, kickball!  we have had I love getting to see all my cousins that came from different states I always leave with a stomach ace from laughing so hard at old memories! We have had 6 babies born sense last Thanksgiving and 2 more little twin boys were born yesterday and 2 more due in May so Xells has lots of little cousins to play with!
setting up waiting for everyone to get there
Before we had the feast Xells and I went to watch Jacob play some Turkey Bowl. My awesome friend Emily & her husband Steven were there so we got to socialize! Then my awesome Sister in Law Crystal came a little later with her kiddos!

Pictures taken by CAL artistry (Crystal)
I love thanksgiving for all the food and family! Now its time to put up the christmas tree and find a way to keep my little crawling/ climber away from pulling everything off! I thought it would be at least another year till I would have to worry about putting up a blocking baby proof tree but my little busy body shocked me again! I better get to work before she wakes up from her nap!!

Anyone have ideas how to keep a baby away from a tree?
Enjoy Decorating!!


shelby said...

we have our tree in a corner with our ottaman blocking it off. kinda ghetto looking, but it does the job! we were even thinking of getting a baby fence for it.

Crystal said...

I never figured out how to keep Braden away from the tree when he was small. I ended up just making sure all my ornaments were plastic or wooden. Then I patiently reminded him continuously that they were not toys and distracted him with things he could play with. Xelly is younger, so she probably won't understand yet, but it's ok. It's just a tree :)