Friday, December 3, 2010

Stats & Video!

So Xelly had her 2nd visit to the Doc sense she was born only because I wanted to get her official stats to compare it to my own scale at home. That will hopefully/most likely be the only time she goes until I have the urge to bother the Doctors again and get the "your child's not healthy without shots" conversation. Oh how I love  that conversation.
Xelly is:
17.6lbs 75%
26 1/2 inches 75%
She is my joy!
She has this noise she makes with her mouth that she learned when she was like 4 months but would only do it 1 or 2 times a month as of yesterday if she is awake she is making this noise! I love it!! If you do it to her she gets this BIG smile on her face.
Gotta Lover Her!
This month she turns 7 months old!


Sean and Erin said...

I do believe I've had the "NO shots??!!" conversation one to many times :) The best, huh?

I still can't believe how mobile she is! I'm still waiting for Saidy to crawl :)

Rod and Lynda said...

We are so grateful that Xelly is happy & healthy!
Love you guys!