Monday, May 23, 2011

37…38…39…40…40weeks 6 days.


37…38…39…40…40weeks 6 days.

I went overdue so I was scheduled to go in and be induced by gel inset Saturday May 22nd at 11:30am
 May 22nd 7am
I woke up early to get showered, shave, eat breakfast and get my bag ready just incase.  I was sitting eating chereos talking to Jacob about what we were about to do when my phone rang around 8am. It was the hospital calling to tell me they were slow so I could come in at 9am. I said YES! So we left in hopes of not coming home for another 2 days.

We arrived checked in got our rad braclets and moved into our room. I had the nicest nurse named Laura.  She put a needle in my hand and I freaked!!! and took a picture.

Then she checked for dilating and effacing and was shocked when I was not even .5 cm dilated I was however about 95% effaced. She then explained to me that they would insert a gel and I needed to lay flat for an hour then walk around for an hour to see if anything happened. They would do this 3-4 times then send me home & I should go into labor on my own in 2-3 days. I said alright and we did the first one and then watched a movie then walked around for an hour. I felt little tightening twitches but it felt like gas bubbles to me so we continued to walk and passes a weight scale so I jumped on and weighed in at 183 WOW! Then headed back to our room.

Laura checked and hooked me up to the fetal monitor to see how things are going. We continued to hang out & watch a movie. The nurse came in in a rush asking if I could feel what was going on and I said no I didn’t feel anything not even a twitch.  The nurses & doctors did this about 5 times then my Decivery Doctor came in and said that they are not going to do another insert because I was contracting way to often without feeling anything so they didn’t want to give me any more for fear that they would not be able to get the gel out. The DDoc said our option in to be admitted. I said yes please… almost 41 weeks was long enough for me. She brought in the paper work for us to sign and then my cute husband asks “wait… does this mean we are not leaving until we have a baby” the doc could not help but laugh and answered  “Yes!”

The next step was to insert a long string like thing up by the babies head it would release the goods into my body like the gels but it could be removed if needed. So they inserted it and I had to lay flat for 12 hours so it would not fall out.  Jacob & I called out parents to tell them that we would be staying in the hospital & I sent Jacob home to get the car seat & his pillow because he was not going home anytime soon!
The nurses checked me every few hours & were still wondering why I was not feeling what was going on. The contractions were between 12-14 (really big) on the chart & 16 seconds -2 minutes apart. They were not sure what was going on with the contractions if I was not dilating at all.

Around 4:00pm they checked me and I was at a 2 so they broke my water and Bam I felt the contractions. I went to the bathroom then asked if I could go home.  Sadly they said no so I laid back down. My parents were there and tried to help me breath through them but after I covered my face with a pillow they decided to leave. Haha I don’t blame them. Do you think I am a sissy yet?!

7pm-The Doctor decided it would be best if we inserted an internal monitor to see what the contractions are doing and If they were really as big as the chart said. She also said if I wanted an epidural I could get it now then I would not be so uncomfortable with the monitor in, so I said ok and I was happy as a bug after freaking out about getting a big shot. So I called my parents and said sorry if I scared them off.

I laid their watching movies while Jacob took a nap I got checked every 3 or so hours  but nothing to exciting was going on. I texted by brother and some friends till about in the morning then I noticed that I was the only one still awake. I tried to sleep but each time I would dose off someone would come in to check me or the monitor.

At around 5+ am they said I was at a 10 and ready to push but that the doctor was at Chandler Hospital so we had to wait for her to get here. At about 5:50 the on call doctor showed up and our parents got there. I had my mom & Jacobs mom sit on the couch while I had a baby. At 6:11 am Xelly was born. 8lbs 9oz 20 in She was and still is perfect!

going home!!
few days old
1 mointh
2 months 

1 year later I am so in love with her.  Even though time went by so fast I have loved every minute of it!
Happy Birthday Xelly Bean. Mom & Dad love you more than you know!
30 more years and you will be getting married.


Our Little Bubble said...

how sweet! look at all that hair! love it :)

Skye said...

How incredible! Xelly is just too cute! Really!
A year does go by soo fast. Too funny b.c my daughter Julianna turned one today too! I just posted my birth story today LOL.
Happy 5/23 to our kiddos! :)

Jenn said...

Happy birthday Xelly... what a cutie.

Megan said...

Oh my gosh, she is just adorable!! Her hair is SO dark!! Love love love this story!!

Mars said...

She is just too darn cute!! Happy 1st birthday to her!

Lynda said...

Wow! The miracle of birth and life! What a precious gift you guys have been given.
Happy Birthday to our dear little Xelly!

Kirsty said...

wows look at that head of hair! hehe

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

Happy Birthday little miss Xelly!!!