Monday, May 16, 2011

Our Story: Lets start at the beginning

About a week before I met Jacob

(short recap) I broke up with my last boyfriend about 3 or 4 months earlier then met another boy & lets call him "rebound". I would never normally like a guy like him I just needed to get over my last relationship of 18 months.

October 2008- I was living at my brothers house because my parents and I got in a fight and they kicked me out for a bit. I had an awesome friend names Hailee that I had not seen in 18 months because I was that girl that never saw her friends only the guys. I was so excited to see her and she had just invited me to go to a dance party called Rockin R Ranch ( I don't dance). We danced for hours non stop I ended up getting home around like 1am or so and could not even walk normal I was so tired and my feet hurt so bad!
I am in the middle and Hailee is right next to me in the black & white.
I ended up getting sick right after that with tonsillitis and went back home to my parents house because I was annoyed with my brothers roommates and tired of living out of a bag. I was home alone for a week because my parents were on vacation. I remember calling my mom crying because my throat hurt so bad and I could not eat or drink anything but refused to go to the doctor.

By Monday night I was all better and my parents had just got home. I was talking to them about how I was done with guys and going on a 5 year plan of no dating, a mission for the LDS church when I turned 21 then picking my life up again when I returned.

That night I got a text from Hailee (remember awesome friend) that said she was doing a game night at another girl Emily's ( a girl I didn't really like because she was perfect & I was jealous(now one of my best friends)) house and she wanted me to go. So I got up dressed and was ready to be with some girls. I got their and was having such a fun time I had missed people and having so much fun!

(are you bored?... get excited!!)

About an hour into game night in walk 3 boys. I grab my phone and text Hailee something like "Ya, I like him he is way cute" regarding a boy in a hat and long shirt who I thought was like 25-27 years old. She says "that's Jacob he is like the sweetest guy I know".
the 3 boys that walked in. Jacobs on the right in Black.
Picture not from the game night.
We all start to play a game called Mafia and I was one of the "Mafia" so I got to pick who got killed.
If you don't know what Mafia is look it up and you will understand this better.
After the Mafia kills a person the other people have to try to figure out who the Mafia is- if you caught you are out of the game. Well this kid Jacob look at me and said "you look like a criminal"
I respond with "Me are you kidding I am so innocent" -- I got caught by the cute boy and was out of the game.

After the game I went out on the tramp with a friend and Jacob and his friend Seth followed us out their. We played around but I never spoke to him I just smiled. Then we went back inside and hung out.

Hailee had gone to Massage Therapy school with me, that's how we met, so she was giving a shoulder rub to one of the guys and this kid Seth grabs my arm and pulls me across this table or something and is being a jerk saying "rub my shoulders" so I push on a pressure point and he didn't want anything to do with me! So I switch spots with Hailee and am now sitting by the cute Jacob. He asked if I want a shoulder rub and I said ya that would be awesome. We start to talk and learned that he was 25 and that I was 19 ( he thought i was like 15) I also learned he served his mission in Guatemala for the LDS church. I say "My grandma was born there" thinking so was but it was really just Mexico. He gets all excited and wants to meet her. (He LOVES the Guatemalan people) So he then says how much he loves basketball and I told him I could beat him any day because (lie) I am just that good. So we exchange numbers and then I leave to go home.

When I got home I laid on the couch to pass out and I grab my phone and text him (WHY!?) I guess I am creepy. I text "I am serious about that basketball game" then I fell asleep.

to be continued...


Mars said...

I've heard the jist of your story before now i'm excited to hear the rest from YOU :) "How we met" stories are the cutest!

RDWilson_clan said...

i love stories like these lol

Rorick said...

Aw, and here I was expecting an opening like "It was a dark and stormy night..." :)

Sarah said...

Ah! WHAT a cute way to meet someone! I am so so so excited to read more - I LOVE stories like this. I also love that you texted him first/right of the bat. Ballsy - and apparently it worked! :p