Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our Story: Our first "date"

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I woke up to a text. I was so excited when it said "1 new message- Jacob Beach" I was giddy.
I opened it up and I cant remember what it said... something that made me super happy. So I get ready for work- I am a massage therapist so I dress comfortable that fine Tuesday I was lazy so I put on a to big white shirt and my black comfy pants and some crocks with my hair in a low pony tail. Ya I know so not attractive but its work so no biggy!

I happened to work in the same office as my mom- she was doing nutrition scans in the room next to me so after my first few clients I went and got some lunch then sat down to catch up with her. the first words that popped out of my mouth were "So I met the man I am going to marry last night" with no expression on my face. My mom quickly stopped what she was doing and wanted every detail. I started talking then got a text and wahoo!! "1 new message- Jacob Beach" this time it said "want to go to lunch?" I replied "ya, I am starving" little did he know I had just bough some lunch. my mom enjoyed it for me!

So I had about 3 hours till my next appointment so I took off and met Jacob at Panda Express. Yum!!
I got there and saw him and my heart went crazy he looked good. All dressed up button up, slacks, dress shoes very nice! then like I said.... too big of shirt, comfy pants, crocks! and nasty pony tail. yuck!  I bet he wished he could turn around because I did not look cute like I did the night before.
We sat down and talked forever about everything he even ended up sitting right next to me by the end of lunch instead of across the table. I guess looks are not everything!

I found out that he was quitting his job so he was out "looking for something new" aka waisting time at Walmart.
His favorite thing to do was play basketball- he lived with the 2 guys I met at the party- he was 24- he is like a human jutbox(?) (he knows every song)- he was interested in me!!
I had to go back to work so we said good bye and planned to play some basketball at a court by my house the next day/afternoon. I was so excited I could not wait.

The rest of the day we continued to text and get to know each other.

Tomorrow: basketball, and the kiss!


Skye said...

Cute! What a great idea for ablog post (Hmmmm... I might have to use that idea! haha!)

Sarah said...

I love this story so far :D What a great idea. I love that your first 'date' was at Panda Express - seriously, that is adorable. Also, looking at your sidebar, you guys got married on my birthday! What a funny coincidence!

Ross said...

Great post! It reminds me of my first date with my wife. The two of us both remember going on our first date and knowing the next day that we were going to marry each other! Great frst date for you guys by the sounds of it.

Michelle said...

Cute story!!

Mars said...

Cute :) sheesh you sure like to keep us all in suspense!