Sunday, May 22, 2011

Our Story: Thanks

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We hung out every day after we met. EVERY DAY! I loved seeing him, talking to him, texting him, everything. I was head over heels about this boy. He didn't have an official job anymore so we were able to see each other any time I was not working.
He would bring me lunch, plan cute dates like...
What I consider our official he asked me out at night date was:
I went over to his house because he said he had something that was a surprise and I needed to hurry up! When I got there he said he was going to take me somewhere. So we went outside and their was a Harley! He took me on a motorcycle ride up to Las Sendas and we climbed up on this rock that overlooked the city. It was about 8pm so all the city lights were on but it was super dark out where we were so it was just beautiful!! Then on the way home we stopped at the store and got ice cream and went back to his place and ate a ton! It was so much fun I still think it was my favorite date we have ever been on!

One night I believe it was Oct 13 or 14 we were at institute (a class at night for lds members) and after class we went and got some food at this yummy place Cheba Hut- if you have never been you need to go! Order the White Widow its heaven.
anyway so we went to get some food then dropped off his roommates at his house and went for a drive. We went down to a lake and talked but it was freezing cold to me so we went back to warm up in the truck and we started talking about fun things we had done sense we met and then Jacob said "So I guess that means were boyfriend and girlfriend" I replied with "ya, I guess so" how romantic!! I was so excited because even though we had just met we were both tired of playing games we were both looking for something more serious. I was just one step closer to marrying the man of my dreams!

2 or so weeks later was Halloween... my favorite holiday besides Thanksgiving & Christmas. I talked Jacob into dressing up in a bunny costume that some of my brothers wore and it made me so happy because I thought it was so funny! I went and got ready with some of my girl friends then met up with Jacob and we went to get some food. Then we headed over to my brothers house for a rad party!

The next big event was the I Love You!
One day I was at work and had a few hours between lunch. So Jacob picked me up and we went to this nice place called Brio. I ordered a sandwich and he ordered fish of some kind and we ate. Then he got a phone call and ended up talking on the phone forever!! After the phone call he got kinda nervous and I thought the phone call ended up being a bad thing and that something had happened but then he turned to me and started saying some nice things about me and then said "so i have decided I am in love with you!" I froze. I was so happy inside I did not know what to do. I took one more bite of my food then replied "thanks".... WHAT! Thanks?!? I felt like a jerk but I didn't know what else to say. I knew I loved him but I didn't want to say anything just because he said it and I told him that I would say it when I was 110% because I wanted this to be the last first time I say I love you to a boy.  He was okay with it but I still felt bad good thing he loved me right!!

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Vivian said...

What a cute story. Thank you so much for sharing! You both are very blessed to have such love for each other!