Monday, September 12, 2011

almost 16

I have not done a month update on Xelly in a long time. She is like a whole new kid full of non stop energy and so many words to share.

At almost 16 months (on the 23rd) Xelly:

- waves and says hi to everyone even passing cars
- can understand just about everything I say to her like "bring me your bottle" or "lets go upstairs" "where are your shoes" "can you pick up that trash" she is a little smarty
- reads books to herself in her own language and laughs
- loves all animals especially dogs and birds (or anything that flies)
- loves to boogy at any little noise
- is ready for a baby. wants to hold every baby she sees and loves to play with her baby dolls
- loves older kids
- has about 6 teeth. 3.5 on top and 2 on bottom 
- backyardigans is her new favorite show... besides tom n jerry
- does not like to wear clothing. At all. 
- plays outside just about all day. she loves to play in the water and "help pull weeds"
- building things and figuring out how to take items apart and put them back together is fun.
- plays by herself but likes to look up to make sure I'm watching and gives a big cheesy smile.
- loves her cat and waves at him each time she sees him.
- plays the piano each time she passes it. she loves to make music.
- she is in size 4 diapers still
- weighs about 22 lbs and last I checked is 
- wears 2T-3T clothing when she gets dressed
- loves to wear shoes... any one's shoes that are laying around

swimming day
what she wants for Christmas.
napping on our way home
loves papas ipad
her favorite part about old navy
playing on her own
loves bubbles in the bath
She is the cutest little girl in our opinions. We love her and love to watch her grow and change every day. She is a blessing to our little family!


The Dabo's said...

The little Beach's. That's funny. Haven't seen you in awhile. Hope we didn't scare you off? Xelly is the cutest, after my two girls of course.

Skye said...

This is a great age. Julianna will be 16 months on the 23rd as well! She says "Hiiii" to everyone too - and the animated language they talk is so funny. They are saying something important but who knows what it is! Xelly is precious - love the B&W shots.

Chelsea said...

I love these updates on adorable Xelly! My favorite pic is sleeping in her carseat. I love the chubby asleep faces kids have, especially when they're in the car. She is just so beautiful. I can hardly wait to see her in person again!

Jacque Gurney, CNHP, HHP, THC said...

I loved your post - and to see you keeping records for your daughter's life! I love the notes that my mom saved of me - even though they were pen on paper and very few photos. I treasure last week at Powell with all of you! I love you so much! mom