Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Crafty life!

What have I been up to today?!

I made this with 2 black boas hot glued around a wood wreath. 
Then I had some extra fabric so I tied a bow hot glued it how I liked then glued it to the wreath.
simple! took about 15 minutes.
My mother and father in law made this bench. I had been talking about wanting something so I could sit on the front porch while Xelly played. They used part of a crib then made the bench.
I picked out a color (that ended up being a little brighter than I thought) i liked and painted it.
This is such a fun craft!
I got a 2x4 and cut it into sections. a 18'. 10', 9', and 2 8' pieces. I used a fabric that's like cheese cloth but a little cheaper. gauze could work also. Then I painted them and hot glued them to the board then put a screw through the bottoms to help them be more stable.
This one is in Xelly's play room. I got some crayons, lined them up by color, hot glued them to a canvas. Then took a blow dryer and and melted them. Xells loves to point to all of the colors!

I painted the bench it was just wood. then I covered the top needle point because it didn't match anything I had. Also, I was not very fond of it. This was my first ever upholstery project and I think it ended pretty good. I hot glued it on then nailed it down after for extra support and I thought it seemed easier that way.
Now its under out piano!... that still needs to be tuned.
Now its late and I have no more crafts. 
I think i'm going out of my mind.


Jacque Gurney, CNHP, HHP, THC said...

I LOVE your projects - and the boa wreath is unique. I laughed at our conversation today when you said you saw it .....! You are nuts! The cute Halloween 2x4 characters are SO cute, the bench is awesome, and the melted colors are so fun! You are a fun mom! Makes me wish I was young again. Love you bunches!

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

Wow! What a crafty lady you are!! Love your wreath! And the Halloween heads thing is too cool!

Skye said...

Look how crafty you are! I wish I had that talent! :) Great job!