Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Such a cute girl.

Lots has been going on lately I just have zero desire to write about any of it.
Mainly because I have to fight off a little 2-3 foot human from climbing on top of the computer while I attempt to write something.

Lately our favorite thing to do is play with balloons! Jacob will being a few ADT balloons home from work. Xells loves it! She brings the balloon to us and we blow it up hand it to her and she likes to watch it fly around the room. lets just say I have been a little light headed for the past few days.

Jacob and I have been working with Xelly to start using her words and having patients. Ya I know she is a little girl and people have always told me that I talk to her like I am talking to an adult but I don't get whats wrong with that. She understands basically everything we ask her to do and if she doesn't then we explain things step by step so she will. But her hardest struggle is patients. For example, if a necklace is around her foot she flips out. small things. So we have been teaching her to not freak out and try to get it off herself or ask for help instead of screaming and throwing a fit while 9 out of 10 times hitting her head on something on her way to a full on arched back, leg kicking, arms flailing tantrum.

She has caught on to putting things back where they go for the most part after she is done playing with them. Like books, shoes, some toys and random things she finds in my junk drawer. This has been a blessing because it keep my house about 10% cleaner like I said for the most part.

Xelly is almost 17 months old. She is a doll. I love spending every day with her. I don't take her to the doctor so I don't know her stats but she is cute, healthy and tall. Her new favorite word is Wow and her little mouth looks so adorable when she says it.

She is in love with shoes, purses, keys, any form of jewelry and all of my make up. Her dolls are her best friend and she makes sure they eat and drink whatever she has. They also get their bums & faces wiped and she attempts a diaper change. Before she does to bed at night she puts them in a chair with a blanket on them and kisses their cheeks. at nap time she takes them both to her crib so she can cuddle with them till she falls asleep. She is a pretty good mom.

I love to play with her but I mostly like to sit quietly and watch her play and figure things out when she doesn't know I am watching. Once she sees me or Jacob looking at her she invites us over to do whatever she does.
She is a family girl. if all 3 of us are home she makes sure we do everything together. Even if its the simplest thing like moving all on the same couch or reading the same book all together. Its pretty cute!

She sleeps the same as she has from birth. 8:30-8:30
Eats food. loves pop tarts and fig newtons.
Dogs are her favorite animal
Her favorite person is me. unless her dad is home or on the phone then its all about him- and I love it.
dancing is the best past time. she has some rad moves!

Gotta love her!


Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

Sounds like she's a real girlie girl! How fun! :)

Allen said...

She's cute as a button! That's so funny about the balloons. I bet ADT is gonna wonder where all of their marketing balloons are disappearing to! j/k!
Miss you guys!

Lynda said...

She's even adorable when she's talking on the phone! Well, until she wants to hold it and push the buttons and you guys tell her "No", her mood suddenly changes.
Keep having a blast teaching and loving her!
Love you!