Wednesday, August 22, 2012

oh my heck

Can you tell I have lived in Utah to long!? I use to make fun of people that said "heck"

I have not updated on our family in forever! Mainly because we have way to cool of a life that I don't want to brag about our awesomeness to the world.

We have been staying busy and making some pretty rad memories!
Jacob had been wanting a mountain bike for a long time and I thought it was a random want so I told him to wait a few months look around and if he was still interested in mountain biking by then then I would support that purchase. Well a few month back he found his perfect bike and has gone biking at least once a week for the past few months. He loves it and I am glad he has something of his own that he loves.

He has also been getting more into working out-- like weights and push ups--(in case your not a big work out person like me.) He is "training" for the tough mudder race on Oct 13th and I'm crossing my fingers this kid comes before or after that date so he can attend.

Xelly is growing like a weed and talking NON STOP! I don't even know how to update on her because so much has happened from the last update.
She is 2 years and 3 months I think- I believe she is a little over 3 feet tall.
She has become a mini barbie lover- the dolls I got in my kids meals like 20 years ago. ya she loves them and they all have names... the girls are Mommy and the one boy is Pa. She plays with them daily and I get a kick out of their conversations.
She is gearing up to be a big sister and I think she will rock at it.  she enjoys blaming him for eating her fruit snacks and making messes... she learned quick! She is super energetic and loves to play, mainly outside but as long as your playing something with her she is happy!
About to start her first gymnastics class and I'm not sure if she is more excited or if I am!

I am big, swollen, uncomfortable oh and pregnant. exactly 7 weeks till the due date.
Nothing else exciting is going on in my life really- I got some new snapware though so that's pretty cool.and I have been crafting a ton I tend to always get over crafty when I'm pregnant.

till next time

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Emily Zoe Hale said...

THOSE CURTAINS! I want them! Make them for me?? I can't believe how big Xelly is and that she does not even know me... She sure is pretty!