Saturday, December 22, 2012

Hidden Blessings

Two weeks ago Jacobs truck got broken into. The individuals that did it pried open his truck door frame till the window popped and shattered. Then they grabbed his backpack and gym bag then rummaged through the console took a few things from there and headed home. doesn't seem like much damage but on Tuesdays Jacob goes from work to school then sometimes basketball so this night in his backpack he had-- 

Drum role!

*family computer
 (i had just uploaded all pictures and wiped memory card 2 nights before-bye memories)
*2 ipads
*house keys 
*car keys
*church keys
*new football shoes
*both his glasses (prescription)
*ID badge & key card to his office
*blue tooth headphones
*SkullCandy headfones 
-- that's all we have noticed missing. every few days we figure out something else that got stolen

Anyways we were not expecting this (obviously) so we were not prepared financially to pay to have his truck fixed, car keys re-programmed, house re keyed, plus our bills and rent payment. 
We sat down and went over what money we needed to spend, and what we had coming in. Things unfortunately didn't quite add up. 

A week ago we listed our guest bedroom set (that we got for free and refinished) on ksl and had no bites. On Sunday I said a prayer that we would be able to come up with the money that we needed to get things in order and a few hours later my parents called to make sure we were okay and offered to help any way they could- just knowing they were there for us was enough support! So grateful for family. Later that night I had 2 people ask about the bed set then on Monday I woke up to a few texts about the bedroom set and they kept coming all day. On Tuesday the bedroom set was sold and we had some money we needed but was still short about 200 bucks. So I put our piano on kls (tears) and it sold within 21 hours for exactly the amount we needed to get Jacobs truck fixed.

On Friday I went to get the mail and was taken back when I opened up a card with a check in it that said "I'm sorry you got robbed but at least you didn't get shot" -true that! It had 2 kittens in the picture- cracked me up! Then it said "here is some money so you guys can have a Christmas"
looks like hobbes and his puffy friend twigsy that comes to visit

Again on Saturday there was a letter and a Christmas gift that had a check attached to it- we really are being blessed.

Our prayers were answered and I know that we are being looked after and taken care of. I am grateful that people listened to the promptings of the holy ghost. The help we have gotten has truly helped us throughout this trial. It strengthens our testimonies to know that if we do what we are suppose to we will always be blessed even in ways we don't expect.   These trials can be hard, stressful, and make us want to go hunt down some people but I am glad after the fact that we were able to learn a valuable lesson from this.
Jacob was not harmed and belongings are just material objects that we can get by without. even though I shed a few tears at the fact of the only pictures I have from the past few years are what are on this blog.

We are grateful for everyone. We truly are blessed more than we know.

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